Dinky and me takes on a whole new meaning

I know I have been quiet on here lately. Things have been a bit crazy, and not for Dinky- Although saying that her birthday party last week was very crazy but expectedly so with 7 children from a specialist school, 2 autistic children at mainstream and my typically developing nephew who was the odd one out. So, yes, it didn’t go to plan, so it was good that I had back up plans for my back up plans, and it went as well as could be expected, and in all honesty, I am very proud of every one of those children that came to the party, because for all of them it must have been tough- even the NT who was the one who felt different for a change.

It is always easier to write when things are going wrong, and things have been going exceeding right for Dinky lately which accounts for some of the lack of posts- but I have had a lot going on in my own life now that Dinky is at school. I am doing some voluntary work using the knowledge I have gained to help others and just doing something which isn’t actually about Dinky makes for a nice break.

So why does ‘Dinky and me’ take on a whole new meaning?

When I started the blog, it actually started with me trying to get support for Dinky when we were in a bad position in regard to housing, but autism had been brought up and this blog tells the story of our ‘journey’ (although I hate that term), from pre diagnosis and lack of support to full diagnosis of ASD-PDA, ADHD and SPD, and specialist school and full range of support services. It is primarily an autism blog, with a particular flavour (that being PDA).

Well, Yesterday after much umming and ahhhing I actually had an ASC assessment with my local NHS Adult Autistic spectrum conditions service…..

When I left, I left with the verbal diagnosis of Autistic spectrum Disorder/Condition- report to follow in the post within 2 weeks. Should make interesting reading.

So now Dinky and me are both diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum. Which is not a bad thing.

To be honest haven’t actually had time to process it. Yesterday afternoon Dinky was back shortly after I was and then today I have been at a multi agency event as part of the voluntary organisation I volunteer for- so it is slowly sinking in.

So now I have to edit all the ‘about’ parts as not only is Dinky now 8, but also I feel it should be included that I am an autistic adult bringing up and autistic child with a PDA presentation, which may actually make a difference in how or why I have done or do what I do.

I will say this- it is really weird writing ‘I am an autistic adult’