Dinky and me takes on a whole new meaning

I know I have been quiet on here lately. Things have been a bit crazy, and not for Dinky- Although saying that her birthday party last week was very crazy but expectedly so with 7 children from a specialist school, 2 autistic children at mainstream and my typically developing nephew who was the odd one out. So, yes, it didn’t go to plan, so it was good that I had back up plans for my back up plans, and it went as well as could be expected, and in all honesty, I am very proud of every one of those children that came to the party, because for all of them it must have been tough- even the NT who was the one who felt different for a change.

It is always easier to write when things are going wrong, and things have been going exceeding right for Dinky lately which accounts for some of the lack of posts- but I have had a lot going on in my own life now that Dinky is at school. I am doing some voluntary work using the knowledge I have gained to help others and just doing something which isn’t actually about Dinky makes for a nice break.

So why does ‘Dinky and me’ take on a whole new meaning?

When I started the blog, it actually started with me trying to get support for Dinky when we were in a bad position in regard to housing, but autism had been brought up and this blog tells the story of our ‘journey’ (although I hate that term), from pre diagnosis and lack of support to full diagnosis of ASD-PDA, ADHD and SPD, and specialist school and full range of support services. It is primarily an autism blog, with a particular flavour (that being PDA).

Well, Yesterday after much umming and ahhhing I actually had an ASC assessment with my local NHS Adult Autistic spectrum conditions service…..

When I left, I left with the verbal diagnosis of Autistic spectrum Disorder/Condition- report to follow in the post within 2 weeks. Should make interesting reading.

So now Dinky and me are both diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum. Which is not a bad thing.

To be honest haven’t actually had time to process it. Yesterday afternoon Dinky was back shortly after I was and then today I have been at a multi agency event as part of the voluntary organisation I volunteer for- so it is slowly sinking in.

So now I have to edit all the ‘about’ parts as not only is Dinky now 8, but also I feel it should be included that I am an autistic adult bringing up and autistic child with a PDA presentation, which may actually make a difference in how or why I have done or do what I do.

I will say this- it is really weird writing ‘I am an autistic adult’


8 thoughts on “Dinky and me takes on a whole new meaning

    • Thanks Steph.
      Yes it is rather a lot to take in. While I have been told a few times I have autistic traits, it didn’t take the assessors long to come to the conclusion that I am on the spectrum (aided by information from 2 of my family members).

      I’m sure it will sink in eventually.

      As for Dinky, the school have pretty much everything covered which is a happy change from where we were.

  1. Wow, that is a lot to take in right there. I love reading your blogs and follows Dinky’s travels (and yours!) with interest. I’ll be honest, I wanted to write ‘congratulation on your dx’ but not sure how that reads or whether my second thoughts on writing it down were wrong or not. So, as usual, I may have stuck my big size 7’s in again and if I have, please tell me. My boy has just had an ASD, ADHD and probably SPD diagnosis so my head’s in bits too. We thought PDA but our two private clinicians thought otherwise. Very best of luck to you both on getting your heads around the new info. xx

    • Thank you.

      I don’t think there is a right thing to say.
      Lots of people have said congratulations and I’m not sure if it is something to congratulate or not either. So we are both at a loss there!

      So in return I don’t want to say congratulations on his dx- although I will congratulate your perseverance! My dx was referral to dx in 4-5 weeks… Children take forever!

      So I hope that the dx’s your son has received mean he gets the right support in school x

  2. I love reading your blogs. But never post.

    I have recently been diagnosed too. That only leaves my hubby without a diagnosis of ASD/PDA in the house.

    • Thank you.

      It is amazing how many parents are diagnosed after their children are.

      I hope your diagnosis has helped you understand you a bit more.

      It has challenged most of what I understood for Dinky since I have looked back on my life with the new ‘lens’ of having an ASD dx myself.

      Thanks for reading my blog 🙂

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