Dinky is 8, and she just makes my chest swell and my heart ache just thinking about her! She is funny (although you cant call her funny, or laugh as she takes deep offense to that!), and is unique.

She went to a school with an outstanding Ofsted and within 6 months the head made it quite clear that she didn’t want dinky there anymore. Apparently the two schools with spaces were “used to dealing with families like yours”. Thing is, the school wasn’t too good for dinky, dinky was too good for that school!

The school flagged issues and after a disastrous attempt at accessing CAMHS, dinky had a referral to the child development centre, to be assessed for an Autism spectrum disorder called PDA or Pathological Demand Avoidance.

Dinky went to another mainstream school, but that school only lasted 2.5 terms as they were not the right school for her after all.

Dinky was diagnosed in June 2014 with ASD-PDA, and Sensory integration difficulties and was also diagnosed with ADHD by Camhs early in 2015

After 11 months at home Dinky now goes to a specialist independent school predominately for children with ASD/SLCN and SLD/MLD or complex learning difficulties.

February 2016 I was also diagnosed with ASD.

This blog is about our journey, our life, and our highs and lows.

Feel free to follow us on this rollercoaster… just don’t get too dizzy, things move fast around here!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I know first hand how stressful and draining managing a child with PDA can be but to be able to hold yourself together and deal with everything that you do on the back of such a turbulent past is nothing short of tremendous. You are an inspiration to us all, a wonderful mother and a fantastic advocate for Dinky. xxx

  2. Thanks Jane,
    Although I wouldn’t go that far!
    I do what I can and I do what I feel is right. I’m not a fantastic mum, but I am not the worst (I think my mother will hold that crown for a long while to come).

  3. oh god, such a relief to find and read your blog today … like breathing fresh air. You guys are like us, or maybe us guys are like you! ASD mum with 7 year old PDA child, we got a pirate room at LEGOLAND hotel for builders week in Feb, made me smile. Looking forward to reading more. Just wanted to say thank you for giving me the lift I needed today. More power to your elbow xxx

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